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The Junior Plan (nut-free)

The Junior Plan (nut-free)

Introducing our Junior Plan – a fantastic solution tailored to make your life simpler and your youngsters' taste buds ecstatic!

Imagine this: delightful meals, thoughtfully curated for the youth, delivered to your home the day before, ensuring they get a daily boost of goodness without you having to tackle the kitchen chaos.

Our Junior Plan is a game-changer, eliminating the daily meal prep stress for busy parents of youngsters. Say goodbye to rushed mornings and last-minute lunchbox scrambling.

Opt for our hassle-free weekly plan, featuring a diverse menu that includes sandwiches, pasta, and more. Each day, your kids will enjoy 1 main meal and 1 snack, all delicious and nutritious, without any additional effort on your part.

Wondering about the magic formula? It's all about balance. Our menu is crafted with a focus on Junior School Lunches that are not just tasty but also packed with healthy goodness. From vibrant fruits to colourful veggies, and now including satisfying sandwiches and pasta options, we've got the perfect fuel to power your youth through their day..

Simplify your life, bring smiles to your children's faces, and wave farewell to kitchen chaos. Choose our Junior Plan today, where convenience meets nutrition, and every bite is a step towards a healthier, stress-free lifestyle for you and your family. Junior school lunches just got a whole lot better for your child!

What's in the bag?

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