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The Fitness Plan

The Fitness Plan
(Calorie Controlled)

Do you want to improve your health? Need to lose weight? Are you looking to maintain your weight and be healthier than ever?

The Fitness Plan is our original Calorie-Controlled Plan. Nevertheless, it is not only about calories. In order to maintain our health, we need to choose our nutrients wisely. The Fitness Plan includes a variety of proteins, complex carbohydrates and healthier fat.

The Plan H Fitness Plan is tailored to provide you with just the right number of calories. Healthy eating will ensure you feel healthier than ever.

The Fitness Plan follows the classic approach, that is getting 40-50% of total calories from carbs, 25-30% of calories from fats, and another 25-30% of calories from protein, whilst eating an overall clean diet.

Our Fitness plan comprises of breakfast, lunch, dinner, one savoury snack and one sweet snack for the total of circa 1200 or 1800 calories depending on the plan you choose. This may vary depending on the goals of the individual, the level of activity and other particular information.

Expertly crafted, these delicious calorie-counted nourishing meals refuel your body with a varied diet of mouth-watering dishes.

The Fitness plan also has a Vegetarian and a Pescatarian option.

A minimum of one main course and one snack daily will also be Vegan.

What's in the bag?

Calculate your
nutritional requirements

Step 1: Choose the formula
Step 2: Basic Information
Step 3: Activity Level
Step 4: Select your goal
Your results:
Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR):
Body Mass Index (BMI):
Target calorie intake per day:
Macronutrient Balance:
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Protein: 0 g
Carbs: 0 g
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