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Healthy eating
made easy

Choose your ready meals from our menu or subscribe to one of our calorie-controlled meal plans

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Determine your calorie intake requirements based on your goals

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Nutritious and macro balanced healthy meals with plans to suit your lifestyle

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Healthier catering packages, packed with goodness and freshness


Welcome to your
new wellbeing!

Start your diet plans

Delicious, 100% fresh food and ready meal plans for all bodies and diet goals


We understand that time is precious and eating the right healthy foods can be a challenge. We have a single goal - to get rid of everything standing in the way of a new you. Let Plan H take care of your diet goals and wellbeing.

We believe that a healthy diet plan should not have to be hard to keep up. The cost-effective Plan H healthy meal delivery is a stress-free way to finding that fitter, lighter version of yourself.

from €8.85 per main meal

Fitness Plan (Calorie Controlled)

from €8.85 per main meal

Lite Plan (Weight Loss)

weekly plan - €23.57 per day

Signature Detox (7-Day Clean eating)

from €8.85 per main meal

Athlete Fuel (Muscle & Endurance Plan)

3-day Plan - €30.00 per day

Juice Detox (3-Day Juice & Soup Detox)

from €10.50 per main meal

Keto Plan (Low-Carb, High-Fat)

Frequent questions, answered:

Please visit the ‘Login / Sign up’ link on our website to set up an account.

Once you create you profile, you can then visit the ‘Order’ tab on our members' area to begin placing your order. 

We cook everything fresh to order.

Therefore, you may start the following day if you are placing the order by 10am between Monday and Friday.

If you are placing the order by 10am on Saturday, you may start on Monday.

All our meals are prepared, by hand, fresh to order using high quality ingredients and cooked with love by our professional chefs.

We do not use flavour enhancers, additives, or preservatives to extend shelf life.

All meals arrive individually packaged and ready to eat, just as they are.

Some Plan H ready meals will be best served hot, in which case you can heat either in a microwave or an oven.

We deliver your day's worth of food every day of the week. This ensures the food is as fresh as it can possibly be.

If you opt for a morning delivery, you may wish to leave breakfast for the following morning, and have your own on the first day. If you opt for an afternoon/evening delivery, you will have all the food ready to consume the following day. 

Yes, you can pause your meal plan delivery any time you wish. Please log into your Plan H Members’ Area profile.

Once logged in, please choose ‘Subscription’ on the left.

From here, you can pause an upcoming food delivery.  Once paused, a prepaid delivery day will automatically be added to the end of your subscription.

There is no minimum number of days per week. You are free to select your preferred number of days.

We even tailor make your order to your specific requests. Just drop us an email on

For more questions and answers, visit our full FAQs in the Help Centre
About us

We have been cooking up fresh, delicious and nutritionally balanced food for years, and we love what we do. We are proud to be the pioneers of healthy meal prep and food delivery in Malta.

Since 2014, we've been happy to do all the hard work for thousands of clients to enjoy meals that waistlines all over Malta and Gozo have loved.

We offer 12 different calorie-controlled and macro balanced meal plans, professionally designed to help you achieve your individual weight goals.

If you want to lose weight, detox, fuel your endurance, go high-protein, keto, pescatarian or vegan, we have the right diet plan for you!

All our chef-cooked dishes are bursting with flavour, while keeping your kitchen spotless. Let us help you achieve your fitness goals effortlessly so you can enjoy the finer things in life.

The Plan H service commitment

We deliver to your doorstep daily anywhere in Malta and Gozo .  Our couriers deliver your healthy ready meals straight to your door, office or an alternate address for your added convenience. 

We also offer the option of an AM or a PM delivery or pick up of your Meal Plan from any Maypole outlet in Malta.  

Whilst we do cater food for 7 days of the week, you may choose any number of days per week, any number of meals per day, and may pause and resume a plan as you please.

Skip any number of days of your subscription plan or select food on specific days only. You can also change your delivery address up to 12 hours before delivery.

  • Excellent customer care
  • Daily delivery and delivery and pick-up options
  • 1005 Wholesome, fresh food, not frozen, and ready-to-eat
  • Start your subscription on any day of the week
  • No minimum order
  • Specify your preferences and dislikes at no extra cost

All Plan H meals are prepared by our fully qualified and experienced team of chefs in a fully licenced kitchen and delivered within hours of being cooked.  No food is ever frozen.  

You are always eating real food made from real ingredients.

Our commitment to the environment is paramount. 

We strive to make the most sustainable choices for our food packaging solutions.  We are committed to sourcing the latest in eco-friendly options on the market.

The majority of our home delivery containers are made of Kraft paper. This packaging is a natural and renewable source,  fully recyclable, compostable and biodegradable.

Redeem cash back points as you go along.

With every purchase you earn cash back points straight in your digital wallet.  These points are immediately redeemable on your next order.

Refer a friend and you will also earn cash points which are credited to your digital wallet automatically. 

What our customers say

Here is a selection of Plan H subscribers' comments about us on our social media platforms.

Blog Posts

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