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Charity Run

Steve Sammut Nurminen’s epic 365Km charity run across Sicily supported by Plan H

Steve Sammut Nurminen will be running 365km I avoid of Dr. Klown – from one side of Sicily to the other, starting in Siracusa and ending in Trapani.

Many people ask me why I set myself up for such challenges and this is probably the hardest question to answer. In the 2 years which I have been running, ultra running has given me the opportunity to challenge my body & mind like never before and I have learnt a lot about myself which I can apply to my everyday life.

But it doesn’t end there. I am a big advocate for mental health and I use my runs to raise awareness around this topic and at the same time help out any local charitable organisations as much as I can – it is amazing how sports can give us an opportunity to help those who are in need.

This time around I will be running for a local NGO, DrKlown, aiming to collect an amount of EUR10,000 in order to offer support for their super worthy cause.

Please visit the link below for further details

Thank you all for your support. I look forward to sharing my journey with you over the coming weeks and I cannot wait to take on this

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