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Summer Countdown Plan

from €17.96 per day

Summer Countdown Plan

Summer is back upon us, with its longer days, evenings out with friends and weekends at the beach.  

The warmer weather inevitably also means less layers with which to hide the extra kilos and inches all of us piled on since last year - not to mention that we all love looking great in swimwear!

Crazy fad diets, last second panic fasting, suddenly deciding to train like an Olympic athlete - we all know none of that works or is indeed sustainable.  The ONLY proven way back to looking and feeling great is eating the right foods, in the right quantities and with the right kind of exercise.

The new, time-limited Plan H Summer Countdown Plan is tailored to help on all three fronts:

A calorie-controlled, summer-themed food plan, specially tailored plan for different body shapes, sizes and nutritional needs, consisting of breakfast (or snack), lunch and dinner daily.  

The Summer Countdown Plan comes in either Regular or Large portions and can be run 7 days a week for a total duration of either 3 or 7 weeks.  Optionally, you can also supplement with freshly prepared juices or a second snack.  

Additionally, we have teamed up with not one but three of Malta's top personal trainers - Matthaeus Grasso from A New, Better Life, Daniel Zammit from Platinum Fitness and Leanne Bartolo from Warehouse Fitness Studio to offer FREE group classes, bundled in with the plan AND a 10% discount should you wish to enrol for more classes or personal training.  

The 3-week plan includes 3 free group training classes, one per trainer, while the 7-week plan offers a total of 9 free group training sessions, three per trainer.

Not enough?  The best performing 49 day Summer Countdown Plan customer also gets to win a whole month of free classes with either Leanne, Daniel or Matthaeus.

The Summer Countdown Plan starts from Eur 17.99 per day and will kick off on May 2nd, purchasable till end June 2022!

The Summer Countdown Plan also has a Vegetarian and a Pescatarian option.


The diet we choose impacts our health and also affects our environment. For this reason, people may choose to go vegetarian, or vegan, and opt for a whole food, plant-based diet.

Vegetarians enjoy a variety of grains, nuts, vegetables, fruit and legumes. However, you need to ensure that all you are consuming all the nutrients required for a healthy lifestyle. Some choose to include dairy products and eggs, whilst some prefer to exclude anything deriving from animals, and opt for a vegan diet.


The pescatarian diet is a widely accepted nutritious choice that combines the best of both worlds. A mostly vegetarian lifestyle with a high protein content and omega-3 fatty acids found in naturally oily fish.

A pescatarian diet is a healthy compromise for someone who would like plenty of vegetables and yet would like to avoid the consumption of red meat that is high in saturated fat. A pescatarian diet is also similar to the Mediterranean diet, which has a multitude of benefits.

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