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Signature Detox

weekly plan - €23.57 per day

Signature Detox (7-Day Clean eating)

Our 7-Day Signature Detox Plan is designed to kick start a cleaner, leaner you.

This detoxifying plan is designed for a period when you feel you need to reset and rejuvenate. A detox is the process of eliminating toxins from the body by following a clean eating plan. In this diet, we avoid unhealthy and harmful food and drinks, in order to improve your health.

This plan is our lowest calorie option. If you would like the ultimate cleanse, this is the meal plan for you.

If you are looking to lose weight but want something more filling than Juicing, this is your meal plan. The balance of juices, meals and snacks will keep you sustained throughout the day.

Our 7-Day Signature Detox plan is a proven, effective rapid weight loss meal plan. Promoting clean eating, this diet has no added sugar anywhere. However, it makes use of the natural sweetness of fruit and subtle flavours of nuts as natural sweeteners.

The 7-Day Signature Detox Plan is like the Lite Plan, with a set period of 7 days. This will help you start healthier eating habits. The trick to make habits stick is consistency and commitment. With our Signature Detox plan comprising of breakfast, lunch, dinner, two snacks for the total of circa 1,000 calories, it is easier to stick to the diet plan and be consistent.

The 7-Day Signature Detox plan also caters for you, should you prefer a Vegetarian or a Pescatarian option.

When following the Signature Detox Plan, we encourage eliminating alcohol intake totally. This will help maximise liver and kidney cleansing functionality and achieve optimum results.

Besides the 7-Day Signature Detox Programme, if you would like to follow a low-calorie plan, you may also choose Plan 21, which is a 3 week, 21 day programme aiming to establish a new behaviour pattern, or the Lite Plan for a longer term.

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