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Mother's Day Gift Vouchers

Show your love through the gift of healthy living

Looking for the best gift idea for this Mother’s Day? Show your love and appreciation by giving your mum, wife or special someone the gift of health and wellbeing! 

Plan H Vouchers are easily the most thoughtful way to promote healthier living, for anyone who wants to get fitter but hates the traditional idea of “health food”.

Plan H offers delicious meal plans for all body types and dietary goals – be it for easy weight loss, to burn fat, build endurance and athletic conditioning or simply for the convenience of having delicious ready meals without having to cook!

We believe that healthy living can be best achieved if it is simple and convenient.  Our nutrionally-balanced meal plans are cooked fresh every day and delivered daily to your preferred address over Malta and Gozo. Plan H gift cards are all about giving your special person that extra time and love for themselves and ensuring their wellbeing and health.

Our gift vouchers can be redeemed against all our meal plans, or are also available as a fixed amount, allowing them to choose their own delicious treat.

Click here to purchase your physical or digital voucher.  You’ll be redirected to our members’ area, where after signing up, you can select the gift voucher value you prefer for download or for mailing to your preferred address.

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