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Lite Plan

from €8.85 per main meal

Lite Plan (Weight Loss)

Join a weight loss plan that works! One with great flavours, low calories, and reduced hunger pangs.

Our Lite plan is an effective rapid weight loss meal plan (depending on body type and metabolic requirements), which focuses on controlling your calorie intake, whilst ensuring you are getting the right nourishment.

Our Lite Plan promotes clean eating, a diet pattern that focuses on fresh, whole foods. This lifestyle can be easy and enjoyable.

With no added sugar, the plan uses the natural sweetness of fruit and subtle flavours of nuts as natural sweeteners. ​

Similarly to our Fitness plan, The Lite Plan follows the classic clean eating approach. 40-50% of total calories come from carbs, 25-30% from fats, and another 25-30% from protein

We choose minimally processed, real foods that are rich in naturally occurring nutrients. Fruits and vegetables which are loaded with fibre, vitamins and minerals. These all-too important elements help boost your health and accentuate the natural flavours of the food. No refined and simple carbohydrates are included in this plan. Starchy vegetables are also avoided, and preference is given to the more complex carbs.

The Lite plan also has a Vegetarian and a Pescatarian option.

Opt for either the 7 Day Signature Detox or Plan21, the 21-day weight loss programme, both of which follow the same principles of the Lite Plan.

Our Lite plan comprises of breakfast, lunch, dinner, one savoury snack and one sweet snack. The plan averages 1000 or 1500 calories depending on the option you choose.

Plan H customers are encouraged to move and do some exercises, follow a class, or consult with a Personal Trainer, for a more holistic approach to a lifestyle change.

In addition, when following the Lite Plan, we encourage minimising alcohol intake, for more optimum results.

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