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How Am I “Finding” The Time To Train?

Plan H is the official healthy nutrition partner of this selfless cause, All proceeds go towards Dr. Klown, a Maltese NGO active in Mater Dei Hospital (Malta), that provides hospitalized children distraction and stress relief through fun and laughter.

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I’d love to attempt an ultra run! I really wish to sign up for that race! I just can’t find the time to train or be away from my responsibilities. It’s just not for someone like me.

Finding the time. 

I stopped looking for time ages ago. I was searching for it everywhere – early in the morning, late at night, around lunch –  and I rarely found it, consistently anyway.

Running an ultra marathon teaches you that it is not about finding the time.

Running an ultra marathon is the choice you must make in order to explore the value life has to offer, to inspire others through mental adversity and commitment, and to live life on your own terms.

An ultra marathon is symbolic of these.

When you become a positive influence in the lives of others: children, parents, brothers, sisters, friends, neighbours, coworkers – these people are all exposed to the intangible gifts through you – the sense of accomplishment makes it all worth it.

Two years ago I decided that I will do whatever it takes to become an ultra runner as I realised that its value far outweighs the comfort of a simple, complacent life.

And this is when I came to accept that if you look for time, you will never find it. Nowadays, I actually make the time for my running and it is a part of my daily routine, as is sleep, as is brushing my teeth, as is work, and so on.

Making the time is a process and as part of this process you will have to be willing to give up certain habits, e.g., as soon as I had committed to running across Sicily, the first thing I did was unsubscribe from Netflix. Your will is going to be your vehicle.

An opportunity to completely change the course of your life, and the lives of those you wish to impact, rests at your doorstep.

Once you realise this, you won’t have to find the time.

The value of accomplishing this task is far greater than time.

You will send your kids off to school, you will walk your dog and put in your eight to ten hours at work and grocery shop and then pick your kids up from school and the opportunity will still burn bright in your mind.

Its flame cannot be extinguished.

And this is when you will start to MAKE THE TIME, without compromising all those things which hold value to you.       

You should really run an ultra marathon, of that I don’t need to convince you!

Happy running my friends!
Steve Sammut Nurminen

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