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Juice Detox

3-day Plan - €30.00 per day

Juice Detox (3-Day Juice & Soup Detox)

A juice detox is also known as a juice fast or juice cleanse. In this detox diet you consume only vegetable and fruit juice for generally one to three days.

Many people find it difficult to intake the recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables. This plan features a variety of fruit and vegetables in 5 liquid meals, with juices, smoothies and soups. Juices do not require the same digestion needs like regular food. In this case, nutrients are more easily absorbed giving your body the time to eliminate toxins and cleanse itself.

Fruits and vegetables are high in vitamins and minerals, and rich in anti-inflammatory compounds. This will boost your immune system, help flush out toxins from the body, whilst also jump start weight loss.

The 3-day (72 hour) Plan H Juice Detox consists of 5 x 450ml juices, smoothies and soups per day, delivered daily to your door. Our Juices, as per all our products, are prepared fresh daily, and we deliver 5 juices for one day at a time.

For optimal preservation of nutrients, we recommend that you drink the juice within 24 hours of delivery, at intervals of circa 3 hours. Drink your juices slowly and always ‘chew’ your juices in the mouth. This allows the enzymes in your saliva to act with the food and gives time for a signal to be sent to your stomach telling it to get ready for food.

This is a juice only diet with absolutely no intake of solid food for the 3 days.

Some may find this difficult and therefore one should mentally prepare beforehand to undertake this programme.

Many customers find this Juice Detox a great way to transition to a healthier lifestyle by cleansing the body, improving the energy levels and strengthening the immune system, and subscribe to this 3-Day Juice Detox periodically.

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