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Below you will find the answers to the questions we get asked the most



Please visit the ‘Login / Sign up’ link on our website to set up an account.

Once a profile is created, you can then visit the ‘Order’ tab on our members' area to begin placing your order. 

We cook everything fresh to order. Therefore, you may start the following day if you are placing the order by 10am between Monday and Friday. If you are placing the order by 10am on Saturday, you may start on Monday.

Your price depends on a number of factors, namely the number of days you order for and the number of meals ordered per day. The price per day will be cheaper the longer you order for.

Find out more on the pricing section on Our Plans.

You will be asked to enter your payment details on your profile.

We accept most major credit cards.

We cook everything fresh to order.

Cut-off time for orders or changes to your subscription plan is as follows:

Monday delivery: Saturday 10am
Tuesday delivery: Monday 10am
Wednesday delivery: Tuesday 10am
Thursday delivery: Wednesday 10am
Friday delivery: Thursday 10am
Weekend delivery: Friday 10am

You may purchase a gift voucher through the Members’ Area and you may choose to email the e-voucher straight to the recipient or have a physical gift voucher delivered by hand to you or directly to the recipient.

The e-voucher is the perfect gifting solution, with no delivery charge.

The e-voucher may be redeemed through your profile, choosing the ‘Redeem Gift Card’ tab. The value of the e-voucher will be added directly to your balance in your PlanH digital wallet.

You do not have to spend the full amount on your first purchase. The balance will remain in your digital wallet for future purchases. You may view detailed transactions of your account from your profile, ‘Digital Wallet Transactions’.

Gift cards and e-vouchers are not refundable.



All our meals are prepared by hand, fresh to order, using high quality ingredients and cooked with love by our professional chefs.

We do not use flavour enhancers, additives, or preservatives to extend shelf life.

All meals arrive individually packaged and ready to eat, just as they are.

Some meals are best served hot, in which case you may heat in a microwave or an oven.

As we deliver daily, you will not need to store your food for more than 24 hours.

However, should you wish to save some meals, they will remain fresh for a couple of days, if kept refrigerated.

If you plan to eat the meals after 3 days, we recommend that you freeze them in a suitable container as soon as delivered.

Yes, most meals, with the exception of salads and some breakfasts and snacks, are freezer-friendly.

Before heating, open the top, remove any cold items, garnishes, or sauces.  All microwaves, ovens and air fryers vary but we find the best results between 1:45-2:30 minutes.

The regular portion sizes contain an average of 140g of protein and 140g of starch/vegetables.

The large portion sizes contain an average of 200g of protein and 200g of starch/vegetables.

We can accommodate for dietary preferences and offer gluten free, dairy free, pescatarian and meat free options. You may also choose to eliminate ingredients from your plan. Set your preferences on your profile. This is at no extra cost.

If you suffer from food allergies and  intolerances, the service is used at your own risk.

The meals are made in a facility that handles nuts, eggs, soya, sesame, celery, gluten and dairy products and cannot guarantee that traces of these ingredients will not be present in the meals.

You may choose to eliminate a specific ingredient from your plan. Set your preferences on your profile. This is at no extra cost.

Whilst we do our utmost to ensure an excluded ingredient is not contained within your meal, we cannot guarantee that there will be no trace elements and cross-contamination.

We offer pescatarian and vegetarian options for most of our plans.  The daily menu includes a minimum of two vegan items, a main course and a snack.  Set your preferences on your profile.  

If you have any medical conditions that are affected by your diet you should seek professional personal advice before undertaking any challenge meal plan.

Yes it is. We have several clients who need to hit specific macros on a daily basis. If you already have a meal plan, we will provide a free quote. If you provide only macros, there will be a one-off meal plan construction fee.  Following this, all small changes you may need will be complimentary. 

Whether you are planning a holiday office party, a children’s birthday party or a full sit-down meal, Plan H has you covered. We have a variety of set menus for appetizers including a Kids’ Menu for the little ones. You may also create your own menu by choosing a variety of appetizers from our list.

If you are hosting a sit-down lunch or dinner, whether for a special occasion such as Easter or Mother’s Day, or simply to wind down, relax and enjoy a good time with family and friends on any other day, the value for money Seasonal Home 3-Course Set Menu is the ideal stress-free option.

Delivery Info

Delivery Info

We deliver your day's worth of food every day. This ensures the food is as fresh as it can possibly be. If you opt for a morning delivery, you may wish to leave breakfast for the following morning, and have your own on the first day. If you opt for an afternoon/evening delivery, you will have all the food ready to consume the following day. As we do not deliver on Sunday mornings, if you opt for weekend deliveries you will receive your Saturday and Sunday food together on Saturday morning or afternoon/evening in the case of Gozo.

We deliver our Meal Plans all over Malta and Gozo.

Malta deliveries take place as follows:

AM option: Monday to Saturday, between 6:30am and 11:30am. Sunday’s bag will be delivered Saturday AM.

PM option: Sunday to Friday, between 4pm and 8 pm. Saturday’s bag will be delivered Saturday AM.

Gozo deliveries take place Monday to Saturday between 4pm and 8pm. Sunday’s bag will be delivered Saturday PM.

These are approximate timings and deliveries can occur at any time during these delivery time windows. For a more indicative time of delivery within your area, please contact

Yes. You may choose an AM or a PM delivery, at no extra charge.

If you require the service of a premium delivery at a specific time, please contact The premium delivery service costs Eur 4.00 per day.

Preferably yes. Even though we do not require a signature for our delivery, we highly recommend that the food package is given to you in hand, in order to abide by health and safety regulations and to ensure freshness of the products. We also encourage you to refrigerate immediately.

However, we do offer contactless delivery, upon specific written instructions. Our delivery team will place your bag and meals in your designated delivery spot, preferably in a cooler provided by yourself. Once delivered, a notification will be sent to the email and phone number linked to the account. We cannot be held liable for deliveries once they have reached their destination.

Yes, we offer free delivery to any address in Malta on all our food subscriptions and meal packages.

Delivery fee to a specific address in Gozo is Eur 3.00 per day.

We can schedule different addresses at no additional charge.

Please contact our customer service team at or on whatsapp +356 9978 1000 and we will be happy to assist.

Please contact our customer service team by 6am for AM deliveries and by 3.30pm for PM deliveries at or on WhatsApp +356 9978 1000 and we will be happy to assist.

You may collect your food package from any pickup point in Malta anytime after 12:00 noon.

Please contact our customer service team at and we will co-ordinate the closest or most convenient location for you.



By placing an order, you are enrolled in the programme.  There are no joining fees and no contracts!

You can change your programme, skip days, or cancel any time before your menu is locked.

Menu is locked one working day before delivery in order to allow the team time to prepare, cook and deliver. There is no penalty for skipping a week or modifying your menu — your subscription is completely customizable to whatever your needs are, even if they change every week!

Yes. Meal plans are subscription-based and charges will recur weekly, fortnightly, every 3 weeks or every 4 weeks, based on your billing preferences. 

If you would like a meal plan for a set number of days, for example one week, then when you are choosing the subscription, choose the one-week option. Once subscribed, go to ‘Manage subscription’ and cancel subscription immediately. This means that you will receive the food on the days indicated, and your subscription will not be renewed automatically.

If you would like your meal plan for four weeks, then you can either choose:

  • One week option, with 2% discount, and cancel the subscription after the 3rd renewal.
  • Two week option, with 4% discount, and cancel the subscription after the renewal.
  • Four week option, with 8% discount, and cancel the subscription immediately.

You are free to choose the number of days per week you want would like your food to be delivered. This can be selected upon subscription creation, and can be changed at any time through your profile on the Plan H Members' Area.

You are also free to pause the service at any time. Please note that we require one working day notice if you would like to alter your delivery pattern or pause your deliveries.

The default days for subscriptions are as follows:

  • 3 day option – Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • 4 day option – Monday to Thursday
  • 5 day option – Monday to Friday
  • 6 day option – Monday to Saturday
  • 7 day option – Monday to Sunday

For any different options, you may contact

Yes. Please log into your Plan H Members’ Area profile.

Once logged in, please choose ‘Subscription’ on the left.

From here, you can pause an upcoming delivery.  Once paused, a prepaid delivery day will automatically be added to the end of your subscription.

One working day notice is required if you would like to alter your delivery pattern or pause your deliveries.

You may cancel a subscription from your profile at any time. This means that your subscription will not be renewed automatically, once the paid-up days are delivered.

Yes. In this case, please send a request to An email confirmation will be sent once paused indefinitely. Any refunds due to this indefinite pause will be given in the form of credit via your wallet on the Plan H account, which credit will be used upon resuming the subscription.

Please send a request to An email confirmation will be sent once request has been processed. Refunds will be given in the form of credit via your digital Plan H wallet, which credit can be utilised upon future orders.

& Rewards

& Rewards

Every time you buy from Plan H, points accumulate based on how much you have spent. These points are equivalent to 2% and credited immediately to your Plan H virtual wallet to spend on future orders. You will earn 2 points for every €1 spent.

You may invite as many friends as you wish to the Plan H family. Each friend who accepts your invite to join Plan H will receive 1,000 Plan H points, as credit in the digital wallet. Once your friend makes first purchase, you will be credited with 1,000 thank you Plan H points directly to your Plan H digital wallet as well. This is done automatically. No manual intervention is required.

1,000 Plan H points are equivalent to €10.

You may view detailed transactions of your account from your profile, ‘Digital Wallet Transactions’, including Cashback earned on each purchase and referral.



Our teams are prepared for a variety of scenarios and work closely with our vast network of suppliers to minimize any disruptions to your service. Our food supply has not been impacted and we are working hard to maintain safe and dependable service. If we anticipate any delays or changes to your upcoming order, we will notify you immediately through email.

We are constantly innovating to provide the eco-friendliest packaging available, whilst ensuring you get the freshest experience possible with the outstanding flavour that our chefs intended.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) “there is no evidence to support the spread of COVID-19 through food.” Additionally, “there is likely very low risk of spread from food products or packaging that are shipped over a period of days or weeks at ambient, refrigerated, or frozen temperatures.” Maintaining the safety and quality of our product and ensuring our customers’ wellbeing is our highest priority. Rest assured that we would never do anything to put either of those at risk. For further info, please visit the following site:

Protecting the health and well-being of all employees and customers is our top priority. All of our facilities are certified with the highest level of food safety certification, and we follow a rigorous process to maintain the safety and quality of our meals. All employees are required to frequently wash their hands, wear clean gloves, and cover their heads and facial hair with hair nets before handling any food. We’ve implemented additional safety measures, including increased sanitation, hand sanitizer stations and more frequent mandatory handwashing. In addition, all employees must now wear facemasks at all times. We are also conducting daily temperature checks and asking employees to stay home if they are sick.


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Support times are Monday to Friday from 09:00 - 16:00.

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