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Which meal plan is best for me?

An easy 60-second guide to finding the food plan that bests suits you, your lifestyle and your goals

Fuel your body

with the right food

Healthy eating leads to a healthy body, which in turn increases your odds of a longer, more fulfilling and happier life.

Which plan will help you crush your goals?
We have created this quiz to help you identify which of our plans will help you dominate your health goals. Answer a few quick questions and you will be set!

Why should you take the quiz? 
Your food plan will be personalised based on your specific requirements and personal preferences. The quick guide takes into account your age and body type, health goals and physical activity levels. We then factor in your personal food preferences, calorie intake and lifestyle.

The Plan H quiz will match you with a meal plan that will take you a step closer to achieving the results you desire, especially when combined with an appropriate training programme.

Let us help you find a healthy, balanced meal plan that includes foods that you enjoy eating.   Identifying nutritious options that match your personal taste preferences is the best way to build better eating habits that stick long term. 

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