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Healthier Catering Menus

We have a clear focus on health and nutrition and we prepare all of our food fresh to order. We aim to add the sparkle to your event and add a smile to your guests' face.

Catering made simple

Health food party packages

Whether you’re somewhat lacking in culinary skills or would just rather spend less time in the kitchen and more time having fun with your guests, Plan H is here to give a helping hand.

Healthy catering for your event is possible, and it’s anything but boring!

We have created healthy party food packages having an array of cold and warm savoury bites and sweet bites packed with goodness, to share amongst friends, family, or colleagues.

All our menu items are made fresh from scratch. There are also vegetarian, gluten and dairy free, and keto friendly options, as we believe that dietary restrictions should never stand in the way of a party.

Choose from one of our menus or create your own! These tasty Plan H bites and finger foods are sure to please a crowd, including the little ones!

Corporate events catering

Add some flavour to your corporate and office events.

Contact us for your perfect option for meetings, social and networking events. You may choose from our set menus, or we can create a bespoke menu with all the items you would like. Our chefs will work with you to make it happen!

Employee incentives

Thank your staff for their hard work and effort throughout the year by gifting them the gift of health.

Many businesses do not recognize the power of effective rewards and incentives which can drive employee engagement, productivity, and talent retention. Research has found that the most effective staff rewards are those with a broad appeal, clear value and which give the employee the choice to buy something that is truly meaningful to them.

Contact us today for a customised incentive package and reward programme for your employees.

Employee Meals

You do not need a huge canteen or lunch area to provide healthy meals to your employees.

We will deliver fresh meals daily, to ensure that your employees are fuelled with the best nutrition possible.

Eating a well-balanced diet enhances energy levels and focus for greater output, boosts immune system and improves employees general health resulting in fewer sick days. Providing meals to your employees, will also boost their morale and show appreciation.

No cooking or cleaning required.

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