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Athlete Fuel

from €8.85 per main meal

Athlete Fuel (Muscle & Endurance Plan)

Diet and physical activity

A balanced diet is the starting point for most people. However, sportspeople have more specific dietary needs. When we become more active, we need to burn off more energy.

Therefore, we would need to consume more to restore the energy balance. Athletes adjust their diets differently depending on their sport and training or performance schedule.

Eat well, be healthy, perform better

As an athlete, you need to make sure that you are providing yourself with sufficient amounts of the following nutrients.

– Carbohydrates provide the energy to train or restore depleted energy stores.

– Protein enables muscles to repair and recover, whilst supporting hormones and the immune system.

– Healthy fats  provide energy and keep hormonal, nervous and immune systems well balanced.

– Vitamins and minerals enable the body to function optimally.

The Athlete Fuel plan is primarily targeted towards customers who are following a Coaching and Training Programme

A more toned and athletic physique means losing fat and simultaneously gaining lean muscle. Our Athlete Fuel / Endurance Plan is tailored to provide you with the perfect mix of protein, carbs and fat to improve your body composition, as well as the energy you require to fuel your training.

The Plan H Athlete Fuel plan is designed for athletes focusing on endurance, including distance runners, cyclists, triathletes and OCR (obstacle course racing) participants. Approximately 60% of total calories come from carbs, 20% of calories come from fats, and another 20% of calories come from protein. Complex carbs are required at least two hours before exercise, to give the food time to digest.

After exercise, carbohydrates are to be consumed within 15 minutes to restore glycogen levels. Additionally, water is required to replace fluids. Carbohydrates and proteins should be eaten within an hour of exercise to repair muscles and replenish energy stores.

Athlete Fuel is also offered with Vegetarian and Pescatarian options.

The Athlete Fuel plan comprises of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and three snacks for the total of circa 1800 or 2400 calories depending on the plan you choose. These nutritionally balanced meals are crafted to refuel your body with a varied diet of mouth-watering dishes. Let us take the stress out of your life with high quality, freshly prepared meals full of nutrients to keep you in peak performance.

Athlete Fuel portion sizes come in Regular and Large. The Regular portions total to an approximate 1800 calories per day, whilst the Large portions should total to an approximate 2400 calories per day.

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