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365Km across Sicily in aid of Dr. Klown. 4-week countdown.

Less than a month to go to Stephen Sammut Nurminen’s record-breaking charity run

Plan H is the official healthy nutrition partner of this selfless cause, All proceeds go towards Dr. Klown, a Maltese NGO active in Mater Dei Hospital (Malta), that provides hospitalized children distraction and stress relief through fun and laughter.

Please visit the link below for further details:


When it comes to training, we all have expectations; the majority of us plan the miles and hours we have to train – running and strengthening and stretching. Heck I even stick a handwritten schedule to my fridge every Sunday! (true story)

Around 1 month to go for my 365km run across Sicily and my expectations are set. It will probably take about 55+ hours. My knees and feet will be protected by my training and preparation. I will maintain energy by eating whole, calorie-dense foods at each rest period and by having a supply of quality nutrition available in my running pack. I’m good to go!

Let’s rewind a few months through my training.

My biggest take away from my training leading up to this run – Expectations are self-limiting thoughts; they kind of give us a time to quit (a way out).

‘’I expected I’d be able to run 10km today and I’ve run 10km. WIN!”

Expectations in training are bars we set for ourselves, bars that we place over the windows of opportunity. We build these obstacles, these bars, out of our past experiences; you know what you’ve been able to do in previous training sessions, so ‘expect’ something similar.

In order to be best prepared for my next challenge, I’ve had to level up in terms of my mindset and I have shifted out of my comfort zone. This has completely changed my approach to training.

‘’Yesterday I ran 10km so today I will be able to run 15km’’

Prepare to Go Farther. Go The Distance…and then go one more!

It is only with this mindset that I have managed to complete hours and hours of training every single day over the last few months. My training does not only consist of running, it is a bit of everything – running, strength sessions, swimming, walking, stretching, core work, meditation…it can be anything really.

Of course the bulk of it is made up of running and I have increased my weekly mileage by about 15-25%, sometimes even managing to run 200km in a week!

Three things that I’ve really been focusing on are:

  1. Spending a good amount of time on my feet so that I can go on for longer stretches
  2. Running without having slept for over 24 hours so that my body adapts to sleep deprivation as my plan is not to have any sleep during my 60 hour challenge
  3. Training during the hot hours of the day at 33+ degrees since I will be taking on this challenge during July under the hot Mediterranean sun

Has it been easy? Heck no!

Have I had days where I would keep delaying my training by an hour until that hour would turn into the next day? Most definitely!

But overall, I have been consistent, and I have never let an ‘off day’ spiral into a series of missed opportunities. At the end of the day, we are all human…it’s important to rest and recharge – for the body and more importantly, for the mind!

Time to put my shoes on and get out for a run.

Stay active my friends!

Steve Sammut Nurminen

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